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Hershey Ag is an independently owned company that was started in 1980 by owner, Brent Hershey.  At that time, a feed mill was erected on the Hershey Family Farm next to the Maytown airport in Lancaster County.  Brent initially operated the business out of his family home on the farm; starting with one truck and producing dairy feed at the mill.


Hershey Ag entered the swine production and management business in 1983 with its first sow farm in Lancaster County.  Over the ensuing years, the business grew to include an expanded mill, three feed trucks on the road, and a network of sow breeding and birthing barns providing wean pigs to partner grow out barns in south central PA.  


The barn at the home farm was renovated into office space in 1993, allowing the Hershey Ag support team to grow.  Today, Hershey Ag manages farms in three PA counties and one county in DE.  Hershey Ag remains committed to superior production systems throughout its operations.

Meet the team

Brent Hershey

Brent is the owner and President of Hershey Ag, a company he formed in 1980.  Brent grew up on the family farm, raising steers, growing tobacco and corn and, later, working alongside his father and uncle in an egg layer house. 

He has built the company which includes swine production, a dairy feed division and a dairy ventilation business.  One of Hershey Ag’s greatest assets is its people; especially the long-term employees who have grown with the company.  Brent has always valued growing people from within, a strategy he has utilized across his sow farm management team.  

Brent’s greatest accomplishments are achieving superior production systems by promoting quality and efficient processes from sow breeding and birthing to growing excellent market hogs.  Brent embraces change and progress in the ag industry.  When asked what “superior production” systems means to him, Brent states “being better today than we were yesterday!”

Brent and his wife, Lisa, live in Mount Joy and are the parents of 3 children.  Brent enjoys skiing, motorcycling, hunting, the beach and time spent with family. 

Lisa Hershey

Lisa joined Hershey Ag in 2016 to manage the Human Resources functions. While her background is in health information management, she has a long history with Hershey Ag as co-owner and sounding
board for Brent.

Lisa’s definition of “superior production systems” is continually improving upon the safe, efficient and
effective production mechanisms that Hershey Ag is known for. It is also demonstrated by managing
production according to the demands of today’s pork industry.

Lisa and Brent live in Mount Joy and are parents to 3 children. Lisa enjoys reading, skiing, cooking and
spending time with family.

Richard Kreider

Richard Kreider is the Operations Manager of Swine Production, overseeing the sow production units, gilt floors and grow out barns.  Richard has a long history with Hershey Ag, having joined Brent as a truck driver in 1984.  Richard was with Hershey Ag from the first sow unit and has developed an extensive and broad knowledge of the swine industry.  He is a well-respected leader amongst producers, his peers and the Hershey Ag team.

Richard is a key leader in the organization and brings a lighthearted spirit and sense of humor to the workplace.  When asked what “superior production systems” means to him, Richard stated: 


To me, it means paying attention to details, including the small details. The details from building design, pig care, records and key people. Building design for pig comfort and ease for people to manage / understand. Bio-Security practices in keeping diseases out and routine testing to know the health status. Pig care, looking at the environment around the pig, any stresses causing discomfort, each individual pig and as a group. Records can only be as good as the information entered, making sure accurate info is entered. This will help in making educated decisions about future direction. Finally, key people, being able to adapt to the ever-changing swine industry, knowing what works best for your company.


Richard and his wife, Peg, live in Lancaster County.  Richard is the proud father of 7 children and Grandpa to 9 grandchildren.  Richard’s world travels have included trips to visit his children and grandchildren in Wyoming, Texas and Australia.

Josh Laffey

Josh is the Assistant Manager of Swine Production at Hershey Ag.  Josh came to Hershey Ag in 2014 with a background in dairy farming.  He embraced his role as a Grow Out Specialist and learned all he could about the swine industry.  In his current role, he manages the logistics of swine movements, coordinates grow out team training, and assists with sow farm management.  

Josh and his wife, Jen, currently live in York County.  Josh enjoys a variety of outdoor activities.



When asked what “superior production systems” means to him, Josh stated:


Our production and management team are second to none. Cumulatively our management team has over 200 years of experience. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to strive to be the best at raising our animals ethically and efficiently.

Mike Bixler

Mike has been with Hershey Ag for over 25 years. He is currently the General Manager; managing the dairy feed division and trucking, including all piglet movement.

When asked what “superior production systems” means, Mike stated “going above and beyond to meet the customer’s needs and to manage a safe, efficient trucking fleet.”


Mike and his wife, Marla, live in Marietta. They have 3 adult sons and a dog. Mike’s hobbies include hunting, garden tractor pulling and camping.

Tracey Buller

Tracey has been with Hershey Ag since 2010 as the Controller. She has extensive accounting and administrative experience and leads the office team. Tracey is quick to laugh and always has a smile, lending to a positive office atmosphere.

When asked what “superior production systems” means, Tracey stated: “Superior Production Systems
means a system which is heads above all the rest in quality and customer service. We pride ourselves
on the quality of the products we sell and the customer service we provide before and after the sale.”


Tracey and her husband, Had, live in Mount Joy. Outside of work, Tracey is an avid quilter, crafter and enjoys camping and family time.

Deb Hosler

Deb has been with Hershey Ag since 2017.  She is the Administrative Accounting Specialist, providing excellent support to the Swine Division.  Prior to joining Hershey Ag, Deb worked in accounting and IT positions after obtaining a computer science degree.  In addition, she owns a Pepperidge Farm snack route. 

When asked what “superior production systems” means to her, Deb stated:  “Combining excellent, humane animal handling with good genetics to ensure a great quality product.”

Deb lives in Maytown with her son, Jacob, and her German Shepherd.  Deb enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, nurturing her indoor and outdoor plants and flowers and doing household projects. 

Mike Hackman

Mike joined the Hershey Ag office team as the Part-time Accounting Assistant to the Controller in 2022.  Mike’s background was in the electronics industry, having finished a full career with TE Connectivity on their Global Talent Management team and as Manager of Learning and Development.  In Mike’s prior career, he traveled extensively, including Asia and Europe.  Mike is enjoying his first experience in the ag industry and working close to home.

When asked what “superior production systems” means, Mike stated:  


Mike and his wife, Susan, live in Mount Joy.  They have 3 daughters and are proud grandparents to 3 grandchildren. 

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