Pork Production and Production Site Management

The future of the pork industry depends on maintaining demain for pork products and meeting the needs of the marketplace.  While our practices have advanced and become more effective over the years, the expectations of customers and consumers also have evolved.  Today, companies throughout the food chain are being held to higher standards.  increasingly, customers require food suppliers to demonstrate responsible business practices in a wide variety of areas, including animal care, environmental stewardship, and food safety.  

Below is a list of key areas Hershey Ag are involved in:

1.  Production Management:

  • Production Record Keeping

  • Production Site Management

    •      Sow Birthing Barns

    •      Piglet Grow Out Barns

  • Financial Record Keeping

2.  Pig Health Management 

  • Health Supplies

  • Health Management Systems

3. Piglet Transportation

  • Fleet of Livestock Transport Trucks and Trailers

  • Specializing in Piglet Transport and Breeding Stock Transport

4.  Piglet Grow Out Barn Contracts 

  • Barn Designs

  • Barn Remodeling

  • Barn Certification

5. Site Assessment and Consulting

6. Nutrient Storage and Management Systems



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