Dairy Feed Manufacturing and Feed Ingredients

Hershey Ag, an independently owned and operated company, has been in business for over 32 years.  We strive to serve our customers by providing a full range of commodities to meet the needs of today's professional dairy manager.

Hershey Ag produces high quality feed mixes and ingredients for the Dairy industry. These manufacturing qualifications fall into 3 key areas:

1.  Quality

  • Consistent quality control testing.

  • FDA approved - no risk of cross contamination

  • No spoilage

  • Secure bird free storage

  • No stale inventory or moisture problems.

  • Accurate  and Tested protein mixes

  • Reduce feed refusal in your herd and improve milk production.


2.  Service

  • Protein Supplier

    •     Weekly protein value sourcing

  • Just in time inventory - 24-hour timely delivery

    •     What you need, when you need it

  • Delivery options:

    •      Auger

    •      Air

    •      Dump Unload

3.  Efficiency

  • Bulk purchasing and delivery

  • Eliminate waste

  • Save labor and mixing

  • Focus on milk production

  • Access over 20 protein sources weekly



Contact Mike Bixler for pricing on your next protein blend at (717) 653-8783 or (800) 544-4574.