Our History


John and Mabel HersheyJohn and Mable Hershey have resided in their beautiful farm overlooking the Donegal valley since their marriage in 1960.  The Hershey's purchased the property from Harry and Ada Hershey in 1972 and has been in the Hershey's family for over 160 years.  This tradition continues with current owners, Brent and Lisa Hershey who purchased the farm in 2006 making them the 6th generation Hershey to own the property.  In 1981 the farm was recognized as a Century Farm by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce.

History of this property dates back to the original patent which was a grant from the Penn Brothers, Thomas, John and Richard in 1736.  The first deed, which is still intact, states that 292 acres, plus 9.5 acres on the opposite side of Donegal Springs Road were sold to Mary Motherhill, a widow, in 1757.  The first Hershey to own the property was Isaac Hershey in 1861.  The original bank barn had been home to horses, cattle, and was destroyed by fire in 1938.  Harry Hershey, then the owner, used 50' Douglas Fir beams from Oregon to rebuild the barn and remains today (renovated in 1991) as the management offices of Hershey Ag.

Old Farmhouse

Unique features of the farmhouse include an original corner cupboard with a built in sliding cutting board in the formal living room.  History states that the small rectangular window in the kitchen was for the master to be able to view his fields where his farmhands worked without being observed by them.  The original springhouse is situated just below the farm house, and still holds an endless supply of water.